Antonia Tosini - Abruzzese by birth, lives in Rome (Italy) - director, screenwriter, author of books, has collaborated with well-known directors and writers such as Paolo Angeloni (writer and professor at the University of Rome) the director Giuseppe Di Martino, Algerian director Rachid Benhadj, Tony Tarantino, David Worth, Armand Mastroianni and Robert Reed Altman. 
She introduced the Workshop by Tony Tarantino, on June 17-19, 2009, at the film school of Cinecittà (Rome).
COLLABORATIONS - In addition to production planning, she has served as editor and consultant for screenplays with the following Film Productions: 
CIC. Cinema International Communications  (Rome) by Giuseppe Colombo (as editor and script consultant).
Atena Films Production (as script supervisor) and Caro Film Produzione Rome, as script supervisor and production planning).
 2021 -He worked as Script Supervisor: Dark Room, directed by Vincenzo Franceschini - Madhat Production - Con Christopher  Lambert, Massimiliano Rossi, Michael Socha, Bruce Payne and others.
2019 - A Docufilm  dedicated to Armand Mastroianni, Italian-American director in Hollywood, whose family origin goes back to the Naples area. The documentary will explore Armand's career, his movies and his heritage. International Co-productions:  MadHat Production (IT) & Amco Film  Productions  and associated producer, Marie Foti (USA).
2016 - Documentary: Lucrezia D'alagno (Queen violet eyes) with the promotion of Vesuvius cultural heritage for Sussuvio Productions. (Out of competition) to FOGGIA FILM FESTIVAL 2016).
2014 - SHORT FILM "Hotel dei Platani" - original screenplay and direction with actors Francesco Paolantoni and Patrizio Rispo (FINALIST TO FOGGIA FILM FESTIVAL) & (VII EDITION AWARDS CINEMATOGRAPHIC PALENA ).
2014  - MEDIUM-LENGTH: "Con te nell'Universo"- original screenplay and direction - Archive T.S.T.Productions.
2005 - Documentary Direction: "Vita e Miracoli degli ex voto" selected at Venice  Film Festival (Archive T.S.T Productions).    
2014 - DOCUMENTARY FILM on GABRIELE D'ANNUNZIO written and directed by A.Tosini (Archive T.S.T.Productions).
2021 -  " SAMU : un terrestre in difesa dello spazio cosmico" (*S) - And  "Samuele e il dono di Babbo Natale" both published by: PAV Edizioni.
2017 - "Nella cabina del proiezionista"  Eracle Publisher.
2015 - "La follia dei Tulipani" - "The madness of the Tulips" (published bilingually in Italian and English) Feltrinelli Publishing
2012 - "La rosa ferita" "The wounded rose" (published bilingually in Italian and English) Publisher Arduino Sacco Editor.
2009 - "Pane e Girasole"/ "Bread and sunflower"-Il Grappolo Publisher on human rights, published with President Napolitano's and Mrs. Carla Sarkoz's Approval-(published bilingually in Italian andEnglish)
2007 - "Il libro della vita/Eutanasia Sociale" Graus Publisher.
"SAMU and Time Travel" (Sequel *)
2016 - International Award City of Caserta , with a special mention: "Between fiction and documentary".
2015 - Gran European Oscar, from the "La Sfinge" Cultural Academy, Special Award " Woman of the year" for artistic and cultural merits.
2010 - She was awarded the "Award Penisola Sorrentina" "Arturo Esposito" for the film project "Tra gli ulivi" , an example of a cross-section of Mediterranean creativity, imagination and intelligence combined with psychological research,  for the "mystery and the plot twist that belong to the best tradition in the thriller genre."  
 2005 -XIV Edition of the International Award "Writing the Cinema", City of Mirabella Eclano.
"Tarantella Internazionale"  "LOLA = La servetta di Ferdinando IV e Carolina d'Austria"  "La Compagnia Cordisco"- " El tango de los separados"- "Il Mito".
1999- "A Zita 'Ntussicosa 'e 'o massaro tuosto" "La bisbetica domata"( The Taming of the Shrew) by William Shakespeare, directed by  Marcello Caccavale at Politeama Theatre in Naples.
1995- "Concerto per Napoli" with  the  M° Tony Sorrentino at  Sannazaro Theatre directed  by Rino Marcelli.
1988-  "14 'o pittore e 22 'a pazza" with Luisa Conte and Guido Leontini with the Sannazaro Theatre Company.

Past experiences:

She has worked as a theatre expert in several theatre state schools in the region of Campania. (2000)
She has been a journalist for the on-line newspaper, "Dossier Magazine", for the column titles "Art Therapy" and for newspapers printed in the same field.
"Arts Culture and Health". Songwriter. (Winner of several literary competitions)
Theatre with schizophrenics through hospital psychiatric departments.
University of Naples (Italy) - Psychiatric culture courses
Graduation In Television and Film Direction Academy of Rome - Various Film Writing Workshops.